How To Tap

Tapping is self administered and the technique is easy to perform. You simply tap gently, with two fingers on acupuncture points of your face and body, while making statements about your feelings and emotions.

These are the points generally used in a tapping session:

  • Karate Chop Point - Along the side of the hand between the wrist and base of the pinky finger. This is called, "The set up point", used just at the start, acknowledging the issue, then moving on through the rest of the points
  • Eyebrow Point - On the bone at the inner end of the eye brow, where the hair ends and meets the nose
  • Side of the Eye Point - On the orbital bone at the outer end of the brow and beside the eye
  • Under the Eye Point - On the orbital bone, directly under the pupil of the eye
  • Under the nose - Above the lips
  • Chin point - In the indentation under the lips
  • Collarbone - Feel the inner ends of the two bones. Go about one inch down, and one inch over, to the indentation
  • Underarm Point - Approximately three to four inches below the armpit, along the bra line for women (Note that I don't usually include this one as it can be awkward on camera, or in public speaking.)
  • Optional, Finger tip points - The side of the thumb and finger tips. This is great, especially for children, teens, and discreet circumstances.

The points run along both sides of the body. You can tap either side, left, right, or both.

During our sessions, you will tap while repeating my statements. I customize your program according to your needs and the goals you've set. The tapping is geared to what comes up for you during your sessions. You receive recordings of each session which gives you the unique opportunity to revisit the visualizations and tapping. This enables you to dive deeper, uncover more blind spots and experience even more aha moments.

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