Tapping Into Wealth

Finally find the success you desire.

Uncover and clarify your wealth and money programming.

Learn about the mind/body/money connection, your true money and wealth set-points,  and how to release your subconscious blocks and tap in your own new wealth paradigm.

Tapping Into Wealth This coaching process begins specifically with the issues you have around money, helping you see, often for the first time, the programed, limiting beliefs, and family paradigms, that have kept you from earning money, and having the life of abundance that you desire.

Traveling the path to wealth often uncovers much more than your money blocks. Your inner empowerment channel of life force energy begins to flow, enabling you to succeed in every aspect of your life, personally and professionally, living in the world of your dreams. 


"Through Sandy Evenson’s Tapping sessions I was able to be unleashed from the grieving, and the constraints of my past, and move forward in my life powerfully."

        - Roxanne Koteles-Smith

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Here's what we'll do together in this valuable session: We'll get really clear on your goals, and diagnose the obstacles that are stopping you right now. I promise to give you my best recommendation for strategy, and the next steps you should take, so you can have the life you desire, and the life you deserve.

I'll give you my honest evaluation of what is possible for you and how far you can go based on your skills and goals.

This amazing session will be recorded so you have the aha moments, clarity, and strategy right there at your fingertips. I guarantee you will want to listen again.